Projector and Ventura 13.4 on an M1 MacBook Pro

Product SupportCategory: ProjectorProjector and Ventura 13.4 on an M1 MacBook Pro
patofoto asked 11 months ago

Hello Igor. Just purchased Projector and cannot get it to boot. The Resolve API examples are running ok but I have Python 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11 installed only. Do I need an older version on Python?. Don’t see a box to have Projector run with Rosetta. Maybe I am confused by a few things after reading a bit here.

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patofoto answered 11 months ago

Oh, running Resolve 18.1.4

patofoto answered 11 months ago

I see now that M1 Macs are not supported. Don’t use any other computers unfortunately. So bummed. Can I ask you for a refund, please?.

patofoto answered 11 months ago

Will gladly buy it again if and when you update support for newer computers. Thank you.

Igor Riđanović Staff answered 11 months ago

The refund is on the way. Projector and some other of my older apps can work on M1 in Rosetta mode. However, macOS has changed a lot in the last 4 years since I made these early apps and there are other gotchas. They can be made run, but it’s not simple in some cases. Linux and Windows versions are not affected.