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Hi Igor – liking the application a lot!  Couple wishlist items right off the bat:

  1. Reverse bin to template utility that would allow us to convert existing bin structures to a projector template
  2. Ability to load bin template into an existing bin target in a current project. 

To elaborate on the second request, in a current project I’d have already loaded a bin template, but due to the multiple-spots-in-campaign workflow for commercials, I usually like to break everything up into a per spot bin structure.  I could create a basic template to start off, and then manually add an additional spot’s bin, load the template bin structure under that, etc… so I could have multiple spots in a single project, each with their own bin tree structure from templates as needed.  
Not sure if that stuff is even possible, but it would be welcome in our workflow for sure.

3 Answers answered 5 years ago

BTW this is John Tissavary using Randy’s account on your site

Igor Riđanović Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi John,
The inverse operation, Resolve-to-template is something I’ve been thinking of for the next version.
The ability to append an existing bin target is an interesting feature I haven’t considered. This is possible to pull off as far as Resolve Studio is concerned. I will certainly look into it. answered 5 years ago

Thank you so much, Igor!  I think the inverse operation will open your tool up to a lot of users who might otherwise be intimidated by scripting, but also helpful for those that have already worked out bin structures and just want to quickly adapt them to your excellent tool.