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ats asked 1 year ago

Recently I purchased R-Notify and feel a bit silly for not having done so sooner! Great little script, thank you!
I’m using a customised HTML file based on the default template and was wondering if !projectname !timelinename and !completiontime are the only available variables?
Some nice-to-haves would be !filename for the name of the rendered file, !filesize for the size of the rendered file, !rendertime for how long the render took and even !renderpath for the path that the file was rendered to.
I’m not sure how hard any of those would be to add, but thought it would be worth at least checking in 🙂

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Igor Riđanović Staff answered 1 year ago

Thank you for purchasing R-Notify. 
!projectname !timelinename, and !completiontime are the only available variables.
The information like filename and path is accessible, but the app has no way of knowing which render job in the cue was the last one rendered. If we knew the path of the rendered file we could determine its size.
With the path in hand we could also determine the time it took to render the file.

ats answered 1 year ago

Copy that, I understand, thank you! 🙂