R-Notify Gmail

cineair asked 1 month ago

emails are not being sent to gmail to forward to my other emails and txt messages
gmail does not have the same setup as you example image in the pdf doc for notify.
unable to attach and image here to show you the latest
but in a nutshell google says.
Enhanced safe browsing for you account
then there is a grey OFF icon.

2 Answers
cineair answered 1 month ago

I also tried yahoo as an alternative and this also is not working?

cineair answered 1 month ago

I tried my Outlook, but it has two-step verification so that’s a no go. out of thoughts on what to do.
You should update the info and just say no email works any longer instead of gmail, or use a different setting than gmail that dows work. 
Gmail does not offer APP passwords anymore, so that is also not an option.
Let me know what does work for email notification please.
If this is not working for email notifications, then I guess I will a refund.
Bummer, I was really needing this to work with email. 34$ to just have a wave play is not what I was looking to purchase.