Start a render in DaVinci Resolve™ and head down the the pub to have a pint or two knowing that you will receive an email notification when the render is complete.

For DaVinci Resolve™  and DaVinci Resolve™ Studio version 17 and above.

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R-Notify extends the Resolve Deliver page by allowing you to play a chime sound and send notification emails when a render is complete. Set notifications for some or all the render jobs in the cue. The email messages contain the rendered project and the timeline names.

Use the simple app to load custom sounds, configure your outgoing email settings, and edit the list of email recipients. R-Notify can either play a sound, send out emails, or do both at the same time. The email messages can use plain text or HTML, with an option to load your own HTML template.

Gmail does not support username/password based SMTP authentication since May 30 2022 and may not be used with this DaVinci Resolve app.

DaVinci Resolve, DaVinci and Resolve are trademarks or registered trade mark of Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd in the United States and other countries.

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