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Is the director calling from the production set and asking you to email a freeze frame for approval?

Lighten up your client’s day and send out an ASCII art version of the freeze frame. When the bewildered director calls back just say that something must have happened to the image in transit!

For DaVinci Resolve™ version 12 and above.

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The @ Button converts the most recent DaVinci Resolve™ gallery still into a pure ASCII art text image.

We all know it’s next to impossible to approve color on a non-calibrated display like a phone or a tablet. And we’ve all had that request to email a freeze frame to a client. So why not play a little joke and send out an ASCII image instead?

Each time you press the “@” button it generates email-ready ASCII art from the last gallery still.

The controls include aspect ratio adjustment to correct for the font shape, horizontal character count width, and reverse color.

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